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The SilkOut System is designed to restore and maintain the integrity of the hair and create silky, soft, and manageable hair that your clients will thank you for.

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Taming System

  • Restores and rebuilds the molecular structure of the hair
  • Defrizz and smooth cuticle for light control
  • Gently modify curl pattern up to 70% without harsh chemicals
  • Reduces styling time
  • Reduces breakage and split ends
  • Seals in color and strengthens relaxers
  • Helps you to give your client healthy and manageable hair

Cysteine Protein - Acai Extract - Sugar Cane Acids (AHA)

It fortifies the hair with ingredients that are natural, rich moisturizers and high in anti-oxidants with vitamins and botanical plant extracts.

Our proprietary formula contains the finest grade ingredients that won't compromise hair or health.

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