Step 1: Cleanse the hair thoroughly with Clarity Deep Cleanser three times letting the 3rd wash sit for about 2 minutes to remove build up and oils. Towel dry and section in 4 – 6 Sections.

Step 2: Start with ½ ounce to an ounce of treatment depending on hair and mix with a few drops of our Silkening oil. If hair is dry and porous or bleached place a few drops of oil in your hands and spread through dry, porous, and color treated areas.

Apply treatment by outlining the perimeter of a section, then within the subsection in a dabbing motion. A little goes a long way. Comb product through the ends of the hair and add more product if needed. Do not over saturate. Add just enough for the hair to absorb.

Once application is complete place a cap on the head and let process.

Processing time is 10 – 30 minutes depending on density and porosity of the hair. No heat is required.

Step 3: Rinse well with warm water moving the product out of the hair 3 -5 minutes.

Step 4: Apply KeraMask and comb thru, let sit for 5-10 minutes, rinse, apply SIlkOut Serum and blow dry.

Step 5: Smoothing – this process seals product in the hair and smoothes or reduces curl pattern.

Smoothing Frizz/Curl Softening

1-2 passes

375 – 425 Degrees

Taming Curls Minimal Reduction

2-4 passes

400 – 450 Degrees

Maximum Curl Reduction

4-6 passes

400 – 450 Degrees

Restoration Cocktail

No Pass  Style as usual with iron

Normal temperature for styling

*Restoration Cocktail- 1oz KeraMask 1 teaspoon of Treatment, a few drops of oil and mix apply as a conditioner treatment, comb through, place a cap for up to 15 mins.  Heat optional for 5 minutes only.  Rinse well, apply SilkOut Serum and style as usual. Great on damaged hair, re-boosting a treatment, clients transitioning, and relaxers that need strengthening.

Step 6: Style as usual.

Notes: You determine how much heat you use based on your clients hair and conditions. Curls can be reduced up to 70% on fine to medium and 60% on coarse hair. Generally for every pass you can reduce curls by 10%. We recommend no more than 70% reduction and regular follow up cocktails to ensure healthy hair, plus the Balance Wash and Conditioner for maintenance.

If you are using more than an 1 ½ oz  we suggest you charge $50/ extra ounce used. 

Recommend service price $200-$400