1. What is a Taming Treatment? A Taming Treatment is a high performance restorative and smoothing service.
  2. Is it like a relaxer? No a relaxer is a corrosive, our treatment is restorative and gently softens.
  3. What are the active ingredients? Sugar Cane Cysteine, Amino Acids, and Glycolic Acid, this combination in conjunction with argan oil, acai oil, and cocoa butter restores hair at the molecular level.
  4. Do I need to wear gloves? Yes, even though the treatment is botanical based the proteins and AHA (glycolic acid citrus based) have a low pH, meaning they are acidic and can irritate skin a little.
  5. What if my clients scalp tingles? I clients experience tingling they may have irritated their scalp first, simply wiping product away from skin, ears, and forehead will subside the tingle. That’s why you apply 1/8” off scalp. It will absorb into hair. The AHA acts as an exfoliator on skin.
  6. Can pregnant women use the treatment? Our product is non-toxic and contains no fumes or formaldehyde but always have then check with their Doctor for advice.
  7. Can children use this treatment? We recommend it for children 9 and above.
  8. How long will it the service last? For active women that sweat and shampoo frequently up to 3 – 4 months and for women with moderate activity up to 5 months. Our restorative cocktail helps to refresh the treatment at midpoint and can be used to extend the life of a treatment.
  9. Can I use this with color? Yes, if you are lightening the hair do so first, if you are covering grey hair or toning with dem or semi color process treatment first, rinse, apply color and process, shampoo and follow with the KeraMask as the final step.
  10. My client has a keratin treatment, how can she transition? Easy, you will get the same and even greater results with this treatment, all the smoothing with tons of shine and conditioning.
  11. How soon before they can shampoo? There is no curing period with this treatment so clients can shampoo as desired.
  12. Will the hair be bone straight? No smoothing seals the cuticle and depending the number of passes you can gently break up to 70% of the curl pattern if desired on wavy hair and 60% on coarser hair. But hair will be extremely manageable. 100% straightening is not recommended.
  13. What is the restorative cocktail? Our treatment can also be used as an intense restorative treatment by mixing the KeraMask and Taming crème at a ratio of 4:1. This will give you all the conditioning benefits without smoothing. Great as a refresher to a treatment that is not quite time to redo again, but needs the conditioning properties.
  14. Will it work on all hair types? Yes, every type from wavy to coily can be fortified and smoothed for ease of style.
  15. What about kinky curly, traditional treatments tend to dry that hair? Yes our unique blend of ingredients including argan and acai oils help to add extra lubrication to these hair types to keep them soft and pliable.
  16. Do we need to wear protective gear or ventilate the room? No there are no fume or formaldehyde producing ingredients in our product. If your blow dry or smoothing produces smoke, you have not properly rinsed the hair out. Stop rinse again well and proceed with the service.
  17. Can I use on a relaxer? Yes we recommend the restorative cocktail on relaxed hair to replenish the hair in the cortex. No smoothing is needed.
  18. What is my client is transitioning from a relaxer? If a client is transitioning from a relaxer you can apply the KeraMask on the relaxed area of hair as a buffer to the treatment then apply treatment to the regrowth and comb it into the relaxed hair. This will give you a Taming Treatment on regrowth and a Restorative cocktail on previous relaxed hair at the same time.